S925 Black Stingray Magical Rose Gold Bracelet



This bracelet is only availabe on inquiry. Please contact us with your size and preference at Send Inquiry

925 Sterling Silver Metal Accessoires With Thick Gold Plating (different colors available)
Swarovski Stones (different colors available)
Genuine Stingray Leather (different colors available)
Custom Made Jewellery
100% handmade Jewellery
Comes with a luxurious Michael Sousa storage box

Stingray leather is just as useful and desirable as it has been throughout history. It has a beautiful look and a very interesting texture. The texture of the skin is almost as if the skin is beaded. Stingray leather is also incredibly durable, with some sources claiming that it is as much as 25 times stronger than cowhide. It’s strength makes it resistant to being torn or punctured. It is also water resistant. In addition to all of these qualities, stingray leather is also very lightweight.

Gold (Plating)
Gold is an all purpose healer; stabilizes, purifies and balances; speaks of abundance and well-being. It supports openness and integrity while building confidence in the wearer. It can also assist in overcoming paralysis and fear by allowing one to keep up through harsh circumstances. It evokes strength, and will power; can help overcome depressive tendencies.

The bracelet is custom made. Bracelets of every size can be produced in our ateliers. Just let us know what your size is and we will have it custom made for you.

We don’t accept returns for custom made products. For more details view Returns & Exchanges


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Black Stingray Leather With Black Metal And Rose Red Swarovski, Black Stingray Leather With 18K Gold Metal And White Swarovski, Black Stingray Leather With Rose Gold Metal And White Swarovski, Blue Stingray Leather With Rose Gold Metal And Black Swarovski


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